About HDTronics®

HDTronics® is a Distributor and also acts as Value-Added Reseller.

Operates Wholesale/Retail Stores, Department Stores and Marketplaces + Auction services for use by Consumers, Professionals, Businesses, Industries and Government, featuring :

a wide variety of Physical and Virtual merchandise (manufactured with embedded proprietary technologies namely, Artificial Intelligence, Smart, Connected, Hi-Tech, Speech Recognition, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Holography, Magnetic Levitation, Automation, Mechanical, High Definition, Ultra HD, 2D, 3D, 4D, A/C, D/C, Infrared, Radio Frequency), covering :

Wired, Wireless, Analogue and Digital Microelectronics, Circuits, Optoelectronics, Semiconductors, Satellite, Indoor, Outdoor, Car and Marine, Touch Enabled and Mobile Devices, Merchandise, Electronics, Appliances, Refrigerators, Cooking Ranges, Air conditioners, Heating and Cooling Equipment, HVAC Systems, Audio/Video, Audio Visual, Pro Audio and Pro Video equipment, Musical Instruments, Cameras, Microphones, Consoles, Web Cams, Projectors, Telepresence Devices, Televisions, Home Theater Essentials, Amplifiers, Audio/Video Receivers, Speakers, Posters, Frames, Signs, Memorabilia, Plaques, Lighting, LED, GPS and Navigation Systems, Telephones, Cell Phones, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Computers, Gaming Gear, Portable and Handheld Devices, Headsets, Keyboards, Mice, Carrying Cases, Protective Covers, Faceplates, Skins, Screen Protectors, Armbands, Wristbands, Straps, Holsters, Harnesses, Docking Stations, Stands, Protective Cables, Batteries, Chargers, Watches, Goggles, Gadgets, Clothing, Wearables, Clothing, Apparel, Smart Wear, Smart Bands, Tracking Devices, Sports and Fitness Gear, Sportswear, Software, Apps, Gifts, Jewelry, Furniture, Robots, Drones, Home, Office and Commercial Technology Products, Generators, Inverters, Conditioners and Stabilizers, Power and Energy Products, Audio/Video Recording equipment, Safety, Monitoring, Security, Surveillance and Communication Equipment, Receivers, Range Extenders, Vision Systems, Plant and Machinery, Equipment, Fixtures, Utensils, Tools and Parts, Hardware, Consumables, Supplies and Accessories, Event Tickets, Fast Food, Snacks, Chips, Edible Bars, Pop Corn, Ice Cream, Drinks, Juices, Coffee, Tea; Post-Paid and Pre-Paid Cellular Telephone Communications Plans, Cable and Satellite Television Plans, High Speed Internet and Wireless Broadband Plans, Digital Voice VoIP Phone Plans, Security Surveillance Plans and Internet Entertainment Products and Services, Digital Entertainment and Streaming Content.

Equipment Rentals are offered at attractive rates and you may Trade-In your old gear and buy Refurbished Items or simply get defective devices Returned, Replaced or Repaired.

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